Saving A North Dallas Homeowner Money By Not Needing A French Drain To Correct Yard Drainage Problems

Here is another video from Haynes Irrigation And Sprinkler Service (serving North Dallas, Collin County and Grayson County Texas) about a property which doesn’t warrant a French drain.  Rodney believes that this specific property would be better served by dirt sloping/grading and a pipe running the water out to the sidewalk would be a better method and save the homeowner more money.


About Yard Drainage

Do you have pools of standing water after a rain storm? Let Haynes Sprinkler Service check it out after the storm. We’ll assess the area and make our recommendations as a friend. Area drains, French drains, or rain gutter drains may be exactly the solution to your water collection.

Here is where you can learn more about Rodney’s tips about yard drainage, irrigation, sprinklers and other landscape-related services:

Yard Drainage YouTube playlist:

Sprinkler And Irrigation YouTube playlist:

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